...When people arbitrarily say no for something that literally would not be any hair off their back and would help promote a small fest, just because I'm not willing to pretend to be just like them right now.
So I've seen a few people post odds and ends of things they've written at the end of the year.  Mostly things they just never finished.  And I figured why not?  Amy-verse I'll hold back, since I'd like to finish that someday, and I didn't bother looking through my other notebooks to find things, but have two fics I started but didn't finish.

The first one is a crossover of Avengers MCU and The Twelve.  Mostly because The Twelve gave me feels.  Lots of feels.  Curse you, JMS.  But yeah, between the Witness (seriously, just the concept of his character gives you feeeeeeeels), Rockman (That one nearly legitimately made me cry), Captain Wonder (oh, god, the feels with that story line.  Just when you think JMS is done with you, he hits you harder), Master Mind Excello (though admittedly, his feels came late in the game), I would have been sold.  But no.  JMS also made me fall head over heals for the Phantom Reporter, who is all kinds of adorable and needs cuddles.  Especially with his crush on the Black Widow.  And the worst thing is that there is no fic of the Phantom Reporter that I can find, and this makes me a sad, sad panda.  He's got that reporter sort of cynicism with a dosage of JMS romanticism, and it works.  I just... I really fell in love with this character.

Naturally, when I see a lack of something in fandom, I usually set about to fix this.  Sadly, while I already wanted to put the original Black Widow in fic, I also had no idea where to go with it.  So I started writing, so see if something would come to me.  It unfortunately didn't.  But here is the first scene, in case you were interested.

Fire and Shadow )

The second was going to be an epic vampire fic. Instead of the pretty boy toy or hot chick as a vampire, I was having a seven-year-old girl. A seven-year-old girl who was one nasty piece of work, turned into a vampire when she was really young and unable to age physically. She's also brilliant with electronics (on par with Tony) and hell bent on making the Avengers into her play things as she takes over the world. Unfortunately, Tony is immune to her mind control, so she uses him as bait to trap the others and mind controls them. Then she uses them to torture Tony, because she's sadistic like that. I had one scene planned where she has Cap holding her up so that she can drink a terrified Tony's blood. It was going to be fun.

Also, it comes to light (via Coulson after they've been saved) that the little vampire-chick is actually a female version of Tony from another dimension. In her world, Howard Stark hadn't been drunk. So when the vampires came to attack, he went out to fight them instead of staying locked up in the closet, knocked out drunk by Maria who knew such things (his mother came from a long line of vampire hunters and had natural immunity to vampire mind control that she passed on to Tony/Natasha). This caused the vampires to find Maria and little Natasha. Maria they killed, Natasha they turned into a vampire like them, hoping to use her brains. Except Natasha got the better of all of them and killed them in revenge. Then she alternated between murder, ruling the world, and inventing. Tony was not happy to find this out.

The main problem with this was I just wasn't feeling it? I probably could find it if tried re-writing it a few times, but at the time I didn't have the energy for it and I just sort of gave up on it. I might come back to it eventually, I suppose. We'll see. There's not much of this one.

Ill Met by Moonlight )


And yeah, that's basically the two fics.  I might return to them some day.  I'm currently got The Evil Plan I'm working on, but after that I don't think I've got anything grabbing, so I might try one of these again or Amy-verse.  We'll see.  In the mean time, expect an exchange fic from me once the reveals go up on the secret santa.  I've also got the next Amy-verse waiting for me to have energy to edit it, and two fics in Nar's mailbox waiting to be beta'ed, so you'll have fic sometime soon. 



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