There comes a time when I've finished all my fics and I have nothing really attention grabbing to do next, despite having a few possibilities.  That time is now.  I'm finishing up a Natasha scene for my Big Bang at the moment, but after that I'm a bit adrift with what to write next.

So that's where you guys come in.  Like last time, I make no promises.  I may or may not write the most popular plot bunny on here.  I may even attempt it and decide it's not working.  But this is just a poll to see what people are interested in reading.  If there's anyone other than Nar that actually checks this journal anymore, that is.

Plot bunnies ahoy! )

Now that you know your options, take the poll!

[Poll #1925978]

So there you have it.  Vote for your favorite, though I think my results might get skewed towards Whovian considering my flist.  If any of them still actually read this, that is.  Also, if you really want to make Mem a happy panda, there is always this prompt.  I'd just like to repeat my disclaimer, that I make no promises to actually write any of these.  This is just to see what interest there is and to see if anyone actually checks lj anymore.
There's only a bit of whining, I promise. )
Whelp, here's the last lurker's guide commentary.  It only took my twenty-four entries.  I don't remember there actually being a lot about the movies or Crusade, so I probably won't bother doing a post for them, though if I see anything interesting I'll pass it on.  That stated, on to the last three.  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Objects in Motion, aka HUGS. )

Objects at Rest, aka Never start a fight, but always finish it. )

Sleeping in Light, aka "We did everything that we said we were going to do and nobody can take that away from us or this place." )

So that is the end.  And on Friday, I move to China.  So we'll see if I can even get on lj there (so far, everything I've seen says that it isn't blocked, but I'm not counting my chickens).  I do plan on continuing fic and I should be creating a new blog once I get there, but we'll see what I have to work with.  If I don't post tomorrow, we'll definitely meet again in a place where no shadows fall.  XD  l8r, everyone!

Let's see if I can knock these out before I go to China.  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father, aka Bester's still a bastard, but some people do seem to like him. )

Meditations on the Abyss, aka Londo is a proud papa. )

Darkness Ascending, aka Lyta's power trip. It's coming. )

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder, aka All my dreams. All of them. JMS, why must you destroy them all? )

Movements of Fire and Shadow, aka Delenn and Lennier have some forced bonding. )

The Fall of Centauri Prime, aka Londo. T_T T_T T_T )

The Wheel of Fire, aka Lyta's Power Trip has come to an end. For now. )

Well, there you have it.  I think I'll call it a night there, and try to get the last three done tomorrow.  In between packing, since hey, I really should be doing that.  I'm only leaving on Friday, after all...

I am the One Who Was.  Cy is the One Who Is.  And Nar is the One Who Will Be.  We decided this because I saw it first, then I got Cy into it, and now we've gotten Nar into it.  And yes, there were some crazy nick changes involved.  <3

Anyway, you know the drill.  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Strange Relations, aka That time Garibaldi found out Lochley's secret identity. )

In the Kingdom of the Blind, aka the Regent is over pastels. )

A Tragedy of Telepaths, aka Non-violence is totally not working here... )

Phoenix Rising, aka Lyta gets an even shorter end of the stick in the AU... )

Day of the Dead, aka meeting dead people are fun! )

The Ragged Edge, aka Oh, here we go with the Sad Panda cuddle piles again... )

I think I'm done for the night.  I shall post more later.
So we finally started the fifth and final season of Babylon 5.  As always, all comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

No Compromises, aka Lochley really has no idea what she's getting herself into... )

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari, aka Londo does, in fact, have a conscience. )

The Paragon of Animals, aka G'kar's muse is very demanding. )

A View from the Gallery, aka life on the station as told by two m´╗┐aintenance workers. )

Learning Curve, aka Delenn now knows. Just exile yourself to the couch for tonight, Sheridan. )

The next episode is a fun one.  I'm looking forward to Nar's reactions.  <3  Now I've just got to wait for my mouth to stop being numb so I can finally eat something...


Dec. 16th, 2012 04:31 pm
You know the drill by now.  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Between the Darkness and Light, aka GOD sent her. And don't you forget it. )

Endgame, aka T_T )

Rising Star, aka All love is unrequited. )

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, aka Sheridan has way too much fun being evil )

So thus ends season four.  It twas a good season.  <3

And he also plays I-spy games while annoying the hell out of Franklin.  XD  As always, all comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Epiphanies, aka Elvis has entered the station.  )

The Illusion of Truth, aka B5 takes on the media! Part Two. Propoganda time! )

Atonement, aka NO MERCY. )

Racing Mars, aka Franklin gets married. )

Lines of Communication, aka Franklin gets laid (but not by his husband XD). )

And the ball gets rolling once again.  I am looking forward to Nar's reaction to the second half of season 4.  <3
It's that time again.  This time though, things are wrapping up.  The Shadows, the Centauri... and things are unraveling completely, like the Civil War with Earth and the Minbari.  And then there's Marcus, who snarks at everything.  XD  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

The Hour of the Wolf, aka that scene I really want to happen between Ivanova and the Black Widow. )

Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? aka, Garibaldi. T_T )


Falling Toward Apotheosis, aka Someone's putting a ring on it... XD )

The Long Night, aka Characters. You just can't reason with them. )

Into the Fire, aka The dawn of the Third Age of Snuggles. )

And I think I'll end this one here for the night.  I'll get through the other episodes we watched later.  XD

And if you go there, you will die.  But that is totally not a shock to anyone by this point.  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Walkabout, aka Sweedish Meatballs are the universe's one, true constant. )

Grey 17 Is Missing, aka ALL OF CREATION IN A HANGNAIL. )

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, aka One scene, millions of essays. Seriously, it could happen. )

Shadow Dancing, aka Franklin meets himself. He's kind of a bastard. )

Z'ha'dum, aka There is no hanging on this cliff. There is only jumping. )

On the plus side, Hour of the Wolf is next.  I love Ivanova's monologue in that one.  I want to see a fic with her and Natasha from Avengers discussing it.  Actually, I want a fic of them being badass Russians in general, but I've already posted this to Avengers Kink.  It is sadly still an orphaned plot.  But hey, Mem can dream someday.

And here be the last two episodes of our watchalong.  Because we had to get through War Without End, especially with the recent death of Michael O'Hare, the actor who played Sinclair.  T_T  Yes, I needed lots of chocolate.  That stated, on to Timey-Whimey Funtimes Part 2!  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive

Also, these two episodes are extremely important to the arc.  Therefore, there are many, many spoilers.  Keep that in mind if you haven't seen these two yet.

War Without End Part 1, aka he is the closed circle. T_T )

War Without End Part 2, aka timey-whimey first kisses! )

In a way, I'm glad I'm a mediocre writer for a small portion of fandom.  Good writers apparently get nitpicked the hell out of every little thing they do.  Me, most people are so desperate for fic that they'll just accept anything that comes along, flaws and all.  And telling people in these small sections that they suck generally means less fic to be had.  An unexpected perk, I suppose.  XD 

Anyway, Z MINUS 4 EPISODES.  It is coming.  And we all know what will happen when it does.  <3

And it's that time again.  This time, we didn't go through half the season in one sitting, lol.  These were all fairly epic episodes though, so hopefully these should be entertaining.  As always, all comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Sic Transit Vir, aka they have SIX. )

A Late Delivery from Avalon, aka They made a very satisfying THUMP when they hit the floor! )

Ship of Tears, aka the enemy of my enemy is my friend. )

Interludes and Examinations, aka KOSH. Oh, Kosh... )

I think I'm going to cut off on this one here, since the next two episodes are more than likely going to have lots of JMS comments and this one feels pretty long anyway.  Might as well make the split now, if I'm going to have to split them anyway.  I suppose that means I have to change the title, since the original one came from War Without End...
The Exercise of Vital Powers (Bogus Script) by J. Michael Straczynski

"AKA, the one where G’Kar has a sex change and then proceeds to sleep with Londo. (No, really.)"

Many thanks to Avelera for typing it up for us.  I am posting that link for a few reasons. 

1) It really does need to be spread around.  It's some serious crack, people.  Mentally scarring crack.
2) It further proves why you should never mess with the producer, writer, and psychologist major. Really, that's a bad idea right there.  It's so insanely cracky you can't quite believe it (that line on conquering?  So scarring.  And not a good JMS script), but has just the right amount of believability that you can't discount it.
3) Incredibly scarring mental images aside, it's a pity that wasn't the true script, if just because it's a really good, respectful, and serious portrayal of a sex changed transgender character.  Part of the reason it was on the believable side is that JMS did original plan a transgender character who was one of the main characters: Delenn.  He had to nix the idea (not because of pressure from the studio, but because of issues with making the androgynous male Delenn believable due to the build and voice of the actress) eventually, but I've always kind of wished they'd been able to go through with that plot.  It's totally not the first time he's given old plot lines to new characters either.  IT MIGHT HAVE WORKED.  (Except that this is LONDO AND G'KAR we are talking about.  Which makes this one of the most horrifically scarring afterglow scenes in existence.)
4) The head writer of the show actually wrote in a slash crack-pairing fade to black sex scene.  Not that he hasn't written non-crack-pairing femslash fade to black sex scenes before, but still.  You have to appreciate a writer who will crack-pair his own characters.  My eyes.  X_X DO NOT WANT THAT MENTAL IMAGE, JMS.

I'm just going to go bleach my eyes now.  Enjoy!  *mutters about the all six line*
So ya know, the whole reason I did six episodes last time was so that these last couple could all fit in one entry.  Well, apparently not.  -_-;;;  Anyway, all comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Severed Dreams, aka Delenn is a true BAMF. Be somewhere else. )

Ceremonies of Light and Dark, aka SO MANY FEELS ONE RIGHT AFTER ANOTHER. )

So we are now half-way through the series.  The literal half-way point.  And it's so very awesome.  <3  I'm looking forward to what Nar thinks of the rest.
Alright, time to soldier on.  And yup, it all starts going to hell in this post.  As always, all comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Exogenesis, aka Marcus doth kill sleep by annoying the hell out of everyone. )

Messages from Earth, aka the Nightwatch is watching. >.> )

Point of No Return, aka Majel Barrett plays a really wicked character. Take that, Trekkies. )

Well, damn.  It's apparently too big for one post.  I guess I'll post the last two later.
It's the kind of season that you really don't stop watching.  So yeah, we kinda watched half of a 22 episode season in one day.  It happens.  XD  Considering I've actually watched season three in one weekend before, that should tell you something.  It just gets good.  It also means I have a hell of a write up to do.  -_-;;;

All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Matters of Honor, aka an Introduction to Marcus Snark. )

Convictions, aka THE ELEVATOR SCENE. XD )

A Day in the Strife, aka "The heart does not sing with its parts." )

Passing Through Gethsemane, aka that one that gives Mem Catholic feels and is pretty darn spectacular in general. )

Vocies of Authority, aka ZOG. )

Dust to Dust, aka the one Mem stole the Mcguffin from to make the Brigadier a temporary telepath. )

I'll get the next five episodes in another post, since I doubt they'll all fit in one.  Ah, well.  Still, Season 3.  It's when it all starts to go to hell.  <3

So many.  And they're only just getting started.  All comments taken from The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.  Sound bytes are from the Down Below Sound Archive.

Divided Loyalties, aka so many Ivanova feels )

The Long, Twilight Struggle, aka so many G'kar feels )

Comes the Inquistor, aka Delenn and Sheridan feels, plus creepy guy! )

The Fall of Night, aka no major feels, but there is Vorlon trolling! )

btw, the song in my music of choice?  It will change your life.  Go look it up on youtube.
So lately, I've come across a lot of things in fic that annoy me.  I'm not sure if it's just me or it's the world that's gone crazy.  It's gotten to the point though that I really just need to rant and let it all out.  Because exploding, while entertaining, is never as much fun when you're the one being exploded.  So I suppose here is a meme of pet peeves that I have in fanfic.

The Top Ten Things Mem Currently Finds Most Annoying In Fic: (In no particular order)

Rant, rant, rant... )

Yeeeeeeeeeeah, that was far longer than I expected it to be.  Didn't mean to go off on you guys like that.  But considering I've been trying, and semi-failing, on not lecturing people who are kind enough to say nice things about my fics, I figured if I just got it all out of my system now I might just be able to smile and say thank you.  ^_^;;;  The good news is that apparently protest fic is doing some good in the world.  As mentioned, I've had several Sodia-haters tell me they've turned a new leaf towards her, so hey!  Sucess!  I've also put it up for the Your Tales of contest just for kicks.  I doubt it'll make, if just because length even without going into merit, but it's kind of fun to look around at other people's entries.  <3

Also, is it sad that out of nine things, only one of those doesn't directly have to do with the first point?  I could have just put them under one bullet.  -_-;;;  To make up for my whining, have these two totally SFW made of WIN pictures to make your day.  Oh, and this one. (also SFW but with a cuss word or two if it offends someone's sensibilities. )



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