So I've seen a few people post odds and ends of things they've written at the end of the year.  Mostly things they just never finished.  And I figured why not?  Amy-verse I'll hold back, since I'd like to finish that someday, and I didn't bother looking through my other notebooks to find things, but have two fics I started but didn't finish.

The first one is a crossover of Avengers MCU and The Twelve.  Mostly because The Twelve gave me feels.  Lots of feels.  Curse you, JMS.  But yeah, between the Witness (seriously, just the concept of his character gives you feeeeeeeels), Rockman (That one nearly legitimately made me cry), Captain Wonder (oh, god, the feels with that story line.  Just when you think JMS is done with you, he hits you harder), Master Mind Excello (though admittedly, his feels came late in the game), I would have been sold.  But no.  JMS also made me fall head over heals for the Phantom Reporter, who is all kinds of adorable and needs cuddles.  Especially with his crush on the Black Widow.  And the worst thing is that there is no fic of the Phantom Reporter that I can find, and this makes me a sad, sad panda.  He's got that reporter sort of cynicism with a dosage of JMS romanticism, and it works.  I just... I really fell in love with this character.

Naturally, when I see a lack of something in fandom, I usually set about to fix this.  Sadly, while I already wanted to put the original Black Widow in fic, I also had no idea where to go with it.  So I started writing, so see if something would come to me.  It unfortunately didn't.  But here is the first scene, in case you were interested.

Fire and Shadow )

The second was going to be an epic vampire fic. Instead of the pretty boy toy or hot chick as a vampire, I was having a seven-year-old girl. A seven-year-old girl who was one nasty piece of work, turned into a vampire when she was really young and unable to age physically. She's also brilliant with electronics (on par with Tony) and hell bent on making the Avengers into her play things as she takes over the world. Unfortunately, Tony is immune to her mind control, so she uses him as bait to trap the others and mind controls them. Then she uses them to torture Tony, because she's sadistic like that. I had one scene planned where she has Cap holding her up so that she can drink a terrified Tony's blood. It was going to be fun.

Also, it comes to light (via Coulson after they've been saved) that the little vampire-chick is actually a female version of Tony from another dimension. In her world, Howard Stark hadn't been drunk. So when the vampires came to attack, he went out to fight them instead of staying locked up in the closet, knocked out drunk by Maria who knew such things (his mother came from a long line of vampire hunters and had natural immunity to vampire mind control that she passed on to Tony/Natasha). This caused the vampires to find Maria and little Natasha. Maria they killed, Natasha they turned into a vampire like them, hoping to use her brains. Except Natasha got the better of all of them and killed them in revenge. Then she alternated between murder, ruling the world, and inventing. Tony was not happy to find this out.

The main problem with this was I just wasn't feeling it? I probably could find it if tried re-writing it a few times, but at the time I didn't have the energy for it and I just sort of gave up on it. I might come back to it eventually, I suppose. We'll see. There's not much of this one.

Ill Met by Moonlight )


And yeah, that's basically the two fics.  I might return to them some day.  I'm currently got The Evil Plan I'm working on, but after that I don't think I've got anything grabbing, so I might try one of these again or Amy-verse.  We'll see.  In the mean time, expect an exchange fic from me once the reveals go up on the secret santa.  I've also got the next Amy-verse waiting for me to have energy to edit it, and two fics in Nar's mailbox waiting to be beta'ed, so you'll have fic sometime soon. 
There comes a time when I've finished all my fics and I have nothing really attention grabbing to do next, despite having a few possibilities.  That time is now.  I'm finishing up a Natasha scene for my Big Bang at the moment, but after that I'm a bit adrift with what to write next.

So that's where you guys come in.  Like last time, I make no promises.  I may or may not write the most popular plot bunny on here.  I may even attempt it and decide it's not working.  But this is just a poll to see what people are interested in reading.  If there's anyone other than Nar that actually checks this journal anymore, that is.

Plot bunnies ahoy! )

Now that you know your options, take the poll!

[Poll #1925978]

So there you have it.  Vote for your favorite, though I think my results might get skewed towards Whovian considering my flist.  If any of them still actually read this, that is.  Also, if you really want to make Mem a happy panda, there is always this prompt.  I'd just like to repeat my disclaimer, that I make no promises to actually write any of these.  This is just to see what interest there is and to see if anyone actually checks lj anymore.
Yup, it's finished.  I might re-write the ending, since I wasn't overly pleased with it, but it's finally finished.  Now I just have to type it up and send it to the beta.  Hopefully she'll be done with angst cupids by that point.
All the Abba. ALL OF THE ABBA. )
So since I can't find my pictures of the Chinese wedding I went to this weekend, I figured I'd do a post about Batman instead.  Because why not?  Now with edit.

Nananananana... Batman! )
It doesn't come out very often, and certainly not for most things people consider chick flicks, but every so often Mem gets a little gushy and likes things romantic.  Either that, or the world is ending and hell has frozen over.  Take your pick. 

The end of the world as we know it. )

Sooner or later... BOOM. )
So with Friday being the 49th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who, my mother and I have been watching one serial of each Doctor to celebrate.  Which does lead to some plot bunnies.

Barbara and Richard Mace plot bunnies therein. )
So, I shoot [ profile] narwhale_callin a PM saying I've fallen prey to some fantastic Identity Porn over on AO3, and she comes back with a question of what it is.

Obviously, this is unacceptable.  So in case anyone else was wondering, have my thoughts on Identity Porn.

Identity Porn: far more amusing than real porn. )

LJ, why do you not have a terrified mood?  Because my mind is far more than scary...  I'm just going to watch this video again to clear my thoughts.
Fair warning, this rant has severe case of AD-OS!  That's Attention Deficit - OH SHINY! 

I am far too sober to be this incoherent... )
Just because this really was a lovechild crackbunny.  And further proof that we should probably never attempt to write something together, especially not if it's crack.  You should all be afraid.  Very afraid.  I have no regrets over the puns.  Nar might, but I don't.

In which Mem grumbles about her latest protest fic. )

Wow, that's two rants in a row.  I don't know what's gotten into me recently.  I guess my daily quota of ranting hasn't been filled enough lately.  At least I've had two awesome fills over on Avengers kink for prompts I wrote, so I'm not quite as aggrevated as I sound.  There is some love for the world.  <3
Okay, so I'm still sick, and now I'm sore to top it off.  Stuffing 9000 bags really, really sucks, just so you know.  And it made me throw up yesterday, since the room was so frickin' hot, but hey.  I have a second free ticket to A-kon.  Since I really needed one.  But enough of me bitching about how sick I am, since that means longer sitting up and I'd kind of just like to go to bed. 

Do you know what I need in my life?  To make it complete?  This:
He'd be one badass Doctor.

And I mean NEED.  You cannot fathom how much I need this in my life.  It's almost to the point I want to post it to the anon meme, except I'd be far too scared of them actually giving me sex.  Which would break me, and not in a good way, because it's Sesame Street.  It would be like the whole Winny the Poo NC-17 fic that I saw a summary for and hid under the bed for days.  From being unfortunate enough to read the summary only.  Just no.

That stated, Grover Doctor would be awesome. 

Other plot bunnies. )

Okay, now to slink back to bed.  Because, ya know, we did stuff OVER 9000 bags.  Seriously, we made a plus one just for that meme.  We're sad nerds, we know. 
So I was looking things up on wiki, trying to find out more about the new Fourth Doctor BFAs.  Then I found out that Geoffrey Beevers and Caroline John were married.  Who, for those of you who are unfamiliar with their names, played Crispy Master and Liz Shaw in Doctor Who respectively.  They've got a daughter, who is in one of the BFAs.

Yeah, Crispy Master and Liz Shaw.  Let that mental image burn behind your eyeballs for a while and see what that does to you.

I'm not sure if I want Crispy Master and Liz fic now, or if I just want to block the whole thing from my memory.  Glad they've found happiness together, but at the same time... My eeeeeeeeeeyes...
So the guy over at Nodwick posted a link to this article.  As far as I can tell, it's just hitting on the overly sensationalized stories about the island (It doesn't even mention Napoleon's usage of the island, which I found out by googling it).  However, my first thought is still 'That would make a totally awesome Doctor Who episode'.  Forget the Vampires of Venice, go for some ghosts!  That story about the mad doctor?  It was the Master.  Obviously, he wasn't torturing mentally ill patients (Not that he wouldn't, but I'm fairly sure he'd have better things to do with his time), but maybe something like the Keller Machine?  And the whole falling (not jumping, this is the Master after all.  Though he might have jumped to avoid something, I suppose, especially if he knew he would survive it) from the bell tower and being choked by the mist happened.  Not one of his better moments.  In fact, he really doesn't like to think about this island. 

Even without the Master though, this could make for a really wicked episode.  I don't know why.  I hate horror movies and scary things, but I kind of want to go to this island.  Probably not to stay the night, but just to have a day visit.  I think because it's not all touristy because being haunted is cool, but rather that it's blocked off to the public.  No one is allowed to go there, and that makes it a lot more mysterious.  It just has the potential for plot ideas.

Speaking of haunted things Who totally needs to do, what's up with no Winchester House episode?  I know it's more of an American thing and the lot across the pond don't always realize we've got cool stuff too, but seriously, it'd be awesome.  It doesn't even have to be the actual Winchester House, but some alien one that is similar and the Doctor can comment on it.  Though, the actual Winchester House would be quite epic. 

Obviously, Moffat needs to just hire me to write some of these things, because we need more epic in our lives.
So Nar has posted a list of characters the five things meme has spurred.  Considering mine has gone just as out of control as hers has due to some mutual trolling, it's probably a good idea to round them up. The list will be updated as new requests get filled.

So without further ado, the characters I've written head cannon for:

Doctor Who
The Brigadier                       Shalka Doctor                       Tenth Doctor
Jo Grant                                Ian Chesterton                      Face of Boe
Jabe                                     The Master                           The Rani
Romana                                Bessie                                  Prince Peladon
Dorothy 'Ace' McShane        Three's Jackets                     Mickey Smith
Sixth Doctor                        Sharon (Amy's Aunt)              The TARDIS
Cameca                               Third Doctor                           The Random Bowler-hatted Time Lord in 'Autons'
Harry Sullivan                     Brigade Leader                      Evil Benton
Theta/First Doctor                Omega                                   Grover Doctor

Alternate Doctor                   Alternate Master

Babylon 5
Security Chef Michael Garibaldi          Adira Tyree                    Ambassador Delenn Mir
Commander Susan Ivanova                Ambassador G'kar          N'Grath
Kosh                                                    Mr. Morden                     Lennier

If you're interested in other characters or fandoms, check out this post.  The warning of insanity bears repeating. 
Okay, since I really haven't posted any writings in a while, I figure I might as well give you some head canon.  [ profile] narwhale_callin did this Five Things meme, so I figure I might as well steal it.

Pick any character from Doctor Who, and I'll tell you the top 5 things my headcanon says are true about them.

I'm actually going to go ahead and open it up to other fandoms as well.  Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Firefly, Middleman, Torchwood, and any of the animes on my fic list (including Ronin Warriors/YST, which isn't on my fic list, but I am totally not ashamed to admit to be a hard core fan of) are open to chose from.  Also, any of the Tales Of games and any Final Fantasy below X.  I have the feeling most of my flist will stick with Who though.  If I don't know the character, I'm sure I can make some stuff up.

If you want to ask for more than one character, go ahead and put them in the same comment.  I can separate them later.  Plus, then Nar won't have a reason to spam me the way I spammed her.  XD  I have the feeling this won't stop her, but hey. 

Fair warning, I can be quite mad at times.  You won't always get completely sane answers.
Dear Writters of Who,

I regret to inform you that you have disappointed me.  On thinking it over, I realized there wasn't a single actual dragon in canon Who.  At least not that I'm aware of.  I looked it up on the DW wiki, and so far there was only one potential episode with Seven that I haven't seen where there might be dragons, but it didn't seem like that from the description I read?   Even if there is, one serial out of how many? 

We need some frickin' dragons in here, people.  This is a grievous omission that needs to be rectified.  Immediately.  If we can do Atlantis twice, I want dragons.  >.>

A concerned dragon. 

Especially gold ones.  I do so like gold ones.  *ignores the fact no one will get her B5 reference*
My ideas for a plausible DW episode. )
So apparently I need some sort of Doctor Who/Three Musketeer crossover. I'm aware that this has been done before with Church and Crown in the Big Finish main line - and quite wonderfully too. I enjoyed Church and Crown a lot.

However, after watching the new Three Musketeers and seeing James Corden (Craig in New Who), we decided to make a day of it. Now we're watching the Disney version, which will be followed by the Micheal York version. Except, watching the opening credits of the Disney version, Mem realized that Holy Shit, one of her favorite movies has Paul McGann in it.


Not only that, but he's the shrieky, wimpy guy who's chasing after D'Artagnan. It's slightly scarring actually, to realize that is the Doctor. Well, will be the Doctor. This movie came first. Still, very scarring.

At the same time, now I want more Musketeer/Doctor goodness. Come on. The Master could be Cardinal Richelieu. It would be awesome. I know there's a Tim Curry Master prompt on the anon meme. Actually, come to think of it, I've considered writing for that prompt with the Three Musketeers in mind. Except I've got too many fics lined up to write. Sigh. Someone write it for me? I'd love you forever. <3

Now I'm going to continue watching the Disney version in peace and try not to think to hard about the casting of certain characters. -_-;;;
So I really should be typing fic, since I've got nearly two of them finished and haven't started on typing either of them... But, well. This thought occurred to me:

The Master is totally a Sailor Moon villain.

It's so true... )

So here is my question to you: Does such a fic exist? Are there any half-way decent DW/BSSM fanfics out there, even without the Master? Please let me know if you find any!



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