So Nar did this meme and it sounded interesting, so sure, why not?

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Okay, since this week sucked and is still sucking, I've decided to hell with responsibilities today.  Procrastination is the way to go.  Mostly because I've given up caring for the day. 

That said, I've posted at least twenty more fics since the last time I did this meme, have twenty more first lines from my fics.  I dread to think what they say about me. Extras added for drabbles.

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So lately, I've come across a lot of things in fic that annoy me.  I'm not sure if it's just me or it's the world that's gone crazy.  It's gotten to the point though that I really just need to rant and let it all out.  Because exploding, while entertaining, is never as much fun when you're the one being exploded.  So I suppose here is a meme of pet peeves that I have in fanfic.

The Top Ten Things Mem Currently Finds Most Annoying In Fic: (In no particular order)

Rant, rant, rant... )

Yeeeeeeeeeeah, that was far longer than I expected it to be.  Didn't mean to go off on you guys like that.  But considering I've been trying, and semi-failing, on not lecturing people who are kind enough to say nice things about my fics, I figured if I just got it all out of my system now I might just be able to smile and say thank you.  ^_^;;;  The good news is that apparently protest fic is doing some good in the world.  As mentioned, I've had several Sodia-haters tell me they've turned a new leaf towards her, so hey!  Sucess!  I've also put it up for the Your Tales of contest just for kicks.  I doubt it'll make, if just because length even without going into merit, but it's kind of fun to look around at other people's entries.  <3

Also, is it sad that out of nine things, only one of those doesn't directly have to do with the first point?  I could have just put them under one bullet.  -_-;;;  To make up for my whining, have these two totally SFW made of WIN pictures to make your day.  Oh, and this one. (also SFW but with a cuss word or two if it offends someone's sensibilities. )
So Nar has posted a list of characters the five things meme has spurred.  Considering mine has gone just as out of control as hers has due to some mutual trolling, it's probably a good idea to round them up. The list will be updated as new requests get filled.

So without further ado, the characters I've written head cannon for:

Doctor Who
The Brigadier                       Shalka Doctor                       Tenth Doctor
Jo Grant                                Ian Chesterton                      Face of Boe
Jabe                                     The Master                           The Rani
Romana                                Bessie                                  Prince Peladon
Dorothy 'Ace' McShane        Three's Jackets                     Mickey Smith
Sixth Doctor                        Sharon (Amy's Aunt)              The TARDIS
Cameca                               Third Doctor                           The Random Bowler-hatted Time Lord in 'Autons'
Harry Sullivan                     Brigade Leader                      Evil Benton
Theta/First Doctor                Omega                                   Grover Doctor

Alternate Doctor                   Alternate Master

Babylon 5
Security Chef Michael Garibaldi          Adira Tyree                    Ambassador Delenn Mir
Commander Susan Ivanova                Ambassador G'kar          N'Grath
Kosh                                                    Mr. Morden                     Lennier

If you're interested in other characters or fandoms, check out this post.  The warning of insanity bears repeating. 
Okay, since I really haven't posted any writings in a while, I figure I might as well give you some head canon.  [ profile] narwhale_callin did this Five Things meme, so I figure I might as well steal it.

Pick any character from Doctor Who, and I'll tell you the top 5 things my headcanon says are true about them.

I'm actually going to go ahead and open it up to other fandoms as well.  Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Firefly, Middleman, Torchwood, and any of the animes on my fic list (including Ronin Warriors/YST, which isn't on my fic list, but I am totally not ashamed to admit to be a hard core fan of) are open to chose from.  Also, any of the Tales Of games and any Final Fantasy below X.  I have the feeling most of my flist will stick with Who though.  If I don't know the character, I'm sure I can make some stuff up.

If you want to ask for more than one character, go ahead and put them in the same comment.  I can separate them later.  Plus, then Nar won't have a reason to spam me the way I spammed her.  XD  I have the feeling this won't stop her, but hey. 

Fair warning, I can be quite mad at times.  You won't always get completely sane answers.
So, saw [ profile] tweedymcgee with this meme.  Thought I might steal it, before I think better of all the work this is going to be. 

Cut for the very, very long list and the Q/A's. )
Okay, so I found this Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator. It has been amusing me to no end, probably far more than it should.  The problem is that it doesn't just give you a random pairing... it also gives you a prompt to go with the pairing and that just makes it more fun.  And dangerous.  Because now I want to write several of them and I don't have time.  :( 

Still, I give you some of the more amusing pairings I've gotten.   Honestly, I haven't come up with one actually romantic plot idea, but where's the fun in romance anyway?  It's more fun with the random ones to find the situation that's perfect for them.

Braxiatel / Barbara Wright / secret agents

Admit it, this would be frickin' awesome.  I would be writing this if I knew more about Brax's character.  Sadly, I've only met him in fic and I won't write a character based on only that.  Really.  It's never happened before.  YOU  CAN'T PIN THAT FIC TO ME!!!  *cough*  And since the hinted fic no longer exists (and was written in my foolish youth), I can say that without feeling hypocritical at all.  

Peri Brown / The Dream Lord / former lover

I thought of [ profile] narwhale_callin when I saw this one.  Can't imagine why...  XD  Anyway, this has lots of promise, don't you think?  Except it's Peri, who still annoys the hell out of me.  Sigh.

Harry Sullivan / Romana I / role reversal

I want this.  I'm not sure why.  I just do.  

Paul Langer / Harry Sullivan / always a bridesmaid

I laughed hysterically when I saw this one.  I have no idea who the first guy is, but I've got a soft spot for Harry and the prompt is hilarious.

Astrid Peth / Ace McShane / falling stars

That's actually a pretty good prompt for those two.  I really like that one...

Hex Schofield / Katarina / Cybermen

I'm a little Hex fangirl and I'll admit it...

Reinette Poisson / Amy Pond / taken

THIS.  It would be an interesting conversation. 

Ianto Jones / Susan Foreman / chocolate cake

I need this to live, in a non-romantic and adorable way. 

And a few that Cy got...

Jack Harkness / Fourth Doctor / something completely different

This just amuses me.

Amy Pond / Third Doctor / Sea Devils

I really want to write this one.  I just might, since my One/Ainley Master fic really isn't going anywhere.

Anyway, I would love you forever if someone wrote the Ianto and Susan chocolate cake fic.  <3

EDIT: Jack Harkness / Davros / going shopping and The Dream Lord / The Face of Boe / life, the universe, and everything are now my two personal favorites as far as hilarity factors go.
So, I've largely delegated this journal as a fanfic archive.   I write too much to keep up a general blog (as what happened with my last one fizzling out because I'd burn out), but this is about fic and I'm on my week hiatus of writing anyway.  So why not?  Plus, I liked the questions.  Stealing this [ profile] tardiscrash who stole it from [ profile] aralias .  Without further ado, here we go.

A girl and her fics. )

First lines

Jul. 1st, 2011 01:23 pm
So I saw on someone else's journal (I wish I could remember whose it was, but alas, it is beyond my memory at the moment) a meme about taking the first line of the last twenty things you've written and seeing what that says about you as a writer.  Curiosity got the better of me. It's not a fic, but I figure I might as well post it here anyway.  They aren't quite in order, but it was just easiest to go through my lj and pick it from there. 
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