Hello all.  So I've never been overly impressed with Live Journals and never really had a need of one.  But I figure if I'm going to be posting any more to the Best Enemies anon meme, I might as well just have a journal with which to occasionally do things with.

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I've decided to be magnanimous and give you guys a quick reference to any and all fics you might want to find for those of you who are too lazy to find it by tag.  They are listed by series.  Remember, all roleplay entries are friends locked. I should mention that this list is usually up to date.  I think I've managed to keep it up long enough that I can promise this will usually be a complete list of everything I've put on LJ.   Also, unless otherwise stated, all fics are PG-13 or G.  Still, most of the fics have other warnings, so read those to be on the safe side.

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Two of which I made, so they're probably pretty crappy.  But I couldn't resist the Giant Bunny Fiasco or Dummy in a dunce hat.  It kept me amused while I was not thinking about my growing dislike of Panda fic.  Sigh.  Ah, well.  At least I have new shinies. 
So, China has started blocking lj.  While that doesn't matter overly much for me, since I have a VPN, there are reasons I have to turn the VPN off for long periods of time.  Which means I might not be checking lj with my normal frequency.  I am not letting this stop fic.

You can't stop the signal.

On another Green Rage Monster China cursing moment, they cut the movies in the movie theaters as soon as the credits start rolling.  Which means I had to go on youtube to watch the post credit scene in Iron Man 3.  China, you are not being shiny.  Not shiny at all.
[livejournal.com profile] narwhale_callin seems to think that I've used the quote "Now I do not know whether it was then I dreamt I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man." before on some fic.  I'm also decently sure that I haven't and that Avengers long fic is the first time.

So, ye people of the internet who read my fics, which of us is correct?  Have I used the butterfly quote before?  Or is Nar just making things up?

Also, to be a not complete waste of space, the next Amy-verse is finally awaiting beta.  It only took me how many months after finishing it?  Yeah, let's not go there.  And Avengers long fic has two more chapters an an epilogue for me to type so I can send that to Nar.  So new fic for you guys is in sight, I promise.
Because not only are you killing off my favorite characters, but you're making Five angsty again.  But sometimes, Big Finish, you do have your moments.  Especially when the conversation went something like this:

Female one off: "But Doctor, I took your pulse! You were dead!"
Seven: "I was merely pining for the fjords."

I love you, Seven. I really, really do.  Especially since he just said it so casually.  I had to pause it till I stopped laughing.  XD

Also, since I promised and completely forgotten to post it here, have my China lj.  Yeah, it's been fun times.  Up till I got bronchitis, but that's a whole different story...
Long fic is finished!  Now I just have to type up 80 pages.  And the rest of Amy-verse.  I hate you, universe. 

Also, if you didn't see my note at the end of the last Lurker's Guide commentary, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for China.  So don't expect this typing to happen any time soon.  But for what it's worth, it's done.  Even if I don't know if I like how the last scene turned out.  It'll be up sometime.

Finally, provided lj is reachable over there (or my VPN works), I should be creating a new lj for China blogging purposes.  I shall link to it here once it's made. So I'll see you, when I see you.  Cause I'm leeeeeeeeeeeeeeaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again... Oh, babe, I hate to go...  XD

Edit: I've got "One Day More" from Les Mis stuck in my head.  No, that's not ominous at all...
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wtf, LJ?

Jul. 17th, 2012 10:33 pm
No, seriously.  I spend a couple hours going through a Lurker's Guide commentary, and then you delete all of it when I attempt to do LJ cuts?  With no ability to undo it?  Fuck you.  That is seriously not cool.  And I was in a good mood too, since we just got back from watching Ghostbusters in the movie theater.

In other words, if you're doing anything with the LJ cut, you might want to save it before you do, since apparently it's all sorts of screwy. >.>
So I've found a niffty Mood theme for B5 made by [livejournal.com profile] fangaili. I'm not sure if I'll keep it long, since it seems out of place with my journal theme, but we'll see.  Maybe it's just because it's different and I'll get used to it.  XD

Also, I wanted to point out two very awesome things.  [livejournal.com profile] pride1289 has been drawing from the five things meme I did.  Since that meme has grown completely out of control, I figured I'd post them where they are easily see-able.  You can find one of the Master cuddling plushies here and the Most Epic Eyebrow Stare Down In Time And Space (Spock vs. the Brigadier) here.  Seriously, they are awesome.  Go look at them, then comment how much you adore them (because you know you do. Pride's drawings are always so adorable)!

Finally, I'll answer the writer's block for today.  "What name do you wish you had?"  I've always kind of liked the name Samantha? I dunno.  Then again, enough people call me Mem in RL (mostly people I've met online then outside of it, but for some reason Mem stuck) that I could go with that too, if Memory were an actual sort of name.  I do respond to it, after all.  XD 


Feb. 21st, 2012 07:53 pm
So as Nar noticed, I've gotten a couple new icons.  I finally found a B5 icon com that is actually pretty nifty.  The problem is, they still don't have what I want.  Well, they've had a few ones that I wanted, as seen by Mem's icon collection growing, but I'm still saddened by a lack of particulars.

There were a few of Delenn with 'Faith manages," but none I really liked, sadly.  Also, I really wanted one of That Scene with Ivanova and her proper quote.  Several people have made it shippy, saying 'Not all love is unrequited,' but I want the real quote.  'All Love is unrequited' fits Ivanova much better than you silly people who try to ship her.  >.>  There was actually a gorgeous one I wanted to use, but it had the not in it.  Sigh.  I really should look at a few of the ones with "Star stuff" on them, because that's another cute Delenn quote.

Also, what the heck is with the lack of good Sheridan icons?  There are plenty of him with Delenn, but I want one with just him.  None of the beardy-ness either.  Everyone is obsessed with the beardy-ness.  I like him clean shaven.  T_T  Which shouldn't be that hard to find him has, since he spent the majority of the series like that.  Sigh.  No Marcus ones that sold me either, and only one from Crusade I really liked. 

At least I have evil Bester.  Evil Bester and his coffee make me happy.  Though I just found one with Garibaldi and socks and that makes my life so much better already.  Now I just have to figure out which icon I want to say good-bye to in order to upload socks.  :(

Anyway, this was really just a short post to whine.  I'll go back to my little corner of fandom now.  -_-;;;
So, saw [livejournal.com profile] tweedymcgee with this meme.  Thought I might steal it, before I think better of all the work this is going to be. 

Cut for the very, very long list and the Q/A's. )
So, I did a bit of house cleaning today. Or more correctly, tag cleaning. All Doctor Who fics now have Doctor and Master tags corresponding to which ones the fics contain. If you want to read my Eleventh Doctor fics, you can now click on the handy little Eleventh Doctor tag. Same for whatever version of the Master you're looking for. Rather than doing pairing tags, since I tend to have a lot of random ones and/or no pairing, just look for them under single character tags.

Also, I've added a Brigadier tag. Because really, he's awesome and deserves his own tag anyway. He's the only other character I gave a tag to though. I considered Tegan, Jo, and Amy since those are the other companions that have popped up more than once, but decided those were too much effort. Maybe if I continue more with Amy-verse, she'll get her own tag. For now though, the Brigadier shall remain the special case.

Torchwood character tags might come later if I'm feeling particularly productive. Don't expect any character tags for my anime fics, because that would just be tiring, though I've considered it for my xxxHolic and Tsubasa fics, since I've written for those recently... Maybe.
Okay, so I found this Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator. It has been amusing me to no end, probably far more than it should.  The problem is that it doesn't just give you a random pairing... it also gives you a prompt to go with the pairing and that just makes it more fun.  And dangerous.  Because now I want to write several of them and I don't have time.  :( 

Still, I give you some of the more amusing pairings I've gotten.   Honestly, I haven't come up with one actually romantic plot idea, but where's the fun in romance anyway?  It's more fun with the random ones to find the situation that's perfect for them.

Braxiatel / Barbara Wright / secret agents

Admit it, this would be frickin' awesome.  I would be writing this if I knew more about Brax's character.  Sadly, I've only met him in fic and I won't write a character based on only that.  Really.  It's never happened before.  YOU  CAN'T PIN THAT FIC TO ME!!!  *cough*  And since the hinted fic no longer exists (and was written in my foolish youth), I can say that without feeling hypocritical at all.  

Peri Brown / The Dream Lord / former lover

I thought of [livejournal.com profile] narwhale_callin when I saw this one.  Can't imagine why...  XD  Anyway, this has lots of promise, don't you think?  Except it's Peri, who still annoys the hell out of me.  Sigh.

Harry Sullivan / Romana I / role reversal

I want this.  I'm not sure why.  I just do.  

Paul Langer / Harry Sullivan / always a bridesmaid

I laughed hysterically when I saw this one.  I have no idea who the first guy is, but I've got a soft spot for Harry and the prompt is hilarious.

Astrid Peth / Ace McShane / falling stars

That's actually a pretty good prompt for those two.  I really like that one...

Hex Schofield / Katarina / Cybermen

I'm a little Hex fangirl and I'll admit it...

Reinette Poisson / Amy Pond / taken

THIS.  It would be an interesting conversation. 

Ianto Jones / Susan Foreman / chocolate cake

I need this to live, in a non-romantic and adorable way. 

And a few that Cy got...

Jack Harkness / Fourth Doctor / something completely different

This just amuses me.

Amy Pond / Third Doctor / Sea Devils

I really want to write this one.  I just might, since my One/Ainley Master fic really isn't going anywhere.

Anyway, I would love you forever if someone wrote the Ianto and Susan chocolate cake fic.  <3

EDIT: Jack Harkness / Davros / going shopping and The Dream Lord / The Face of Boe / life, the universe, and everything are now my two personal favorites as far as hilarity factors go.
So, I've largely delegated this journal as a fanfic archive.   I write too much to keep up a general blog (as what happened with my last one fizzling out because I'd burn out), but this is about fic and I'm on my week hiatus of writing anyway.  So why not?  Plus, I liked the questions.  Stealing this [livejournal.com profile] tardiscrash who stole it from [livejournal.com profile] aralias .  Without further ado, here we go.

A girl and her fics. )

First lines

Jul. 1st, 2011 01:23 pm
So I saw on someone else's journal (I wish I could remember whose it was, but alas, it is beyond my memory at the moment) a meme about taking the first line of the last twenty things you've written and seeing what that says about you as a writer.  Curiosity got the better of me. It's not a fic, but I figure I might as well post it here anyway.  They aren't quite in order, but it was just easiest to go through my lj and pick it from there. 
Behold... most of my first lines )


Feb. 9th, 2011 04:10 pm
Okay, so all old fics are out of the way, which now leads to Mem eventually posting new ones!  Yay!  Which means a few fics that I wrote anonymously and new fics that are still in the making.  So far, I've got one lengthy Torchwood fic that I should start posting soon (once [livejournal.com profile] nemaline starts getting around to betaing it) because it's mostly finished.  Just have to actually type it up and do some editing, plus send it out for betaing.  nemaline has promised not to run off on me like a few of my other beta's have, so here's to hoping there won't be any kinks in posting it!

Also, I've got a Who fanfic on the way, though I'm not sure when it'd be finished.  It's a one-shot with the Third Doctor, Delgado Master and Simm Master, so look forward to that. 

Other than that... don't expect the break neck pace I've been updating at to continue.  Sadly, it's not going to happen.  These were all fics I've already written and was just getting them up because one, I don't like empty journals and two, I hate having incomplete lists of fics in different places.  There will be a few fics that are only on ff.net (the ones I really didn't like) and a few fics that will only be on here (the ones that don't really fit with my ff.net account and/or are rated too high to post on ff.net), but for the most part it's the same fics.  Anyway, hope you enjoy them and look forward to what's to come!
In case you ever have a desire to randomly read through some of my roleplay fics (You must be very bored, aren't you?  Don't you have something better to do, like laundry or dishes?  Watering the plants, feeding the pets?  Annoying siblings/roommates/significant others?  No?  You sad, sad person you), here is some basic information about the roleplay that will help you understand what is going on. 

I did warn you... )



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