And now, the end.  Not one of my best fics, over all, but it was still fun.  I do remember that much.  And angsty, but that's generally a given.  Anyway, here you go.

Epilogue )


One more chapter after this!

Time for Action )


Now on to Chapter 5.  Trust me, when I'm posting normally you'll be reading a lot more notes because I like to talk a lot.  You're just lucky since I'm doing things quickly.  XD
Time to Prepare )


Oh look!  New icons Cy made for me.  <3 <3 <3  I do adore her.  And I think since I'm through with the rp stuff, I'll just keep posting chapters of this to get it out of the way.  Hopefully once I'm through with the fics I can get to posting new stuff.  

Anyway, on with Chapter 4!

The Truth of the Matter )
Here we go again, Chapter Three. 

Title Chapter... )
Chapter Two, coming right up!  Also, this marks the start of the Quote of the Chapter/Fic.  Since those have become a staple to my fics, I thought I should point out the first one.  <3  It actually has nothing to do with the chapter this time either, more just what was going on with my life at the time, but hey...
The Search Begins )


On with the first chapter!  Make sure you read the prologue first, btw.  Hopefully, this isn't as bad as I remember it to be, though it's a very slim hope.  Then again, I've never met hope when it wasn't on a diet.  ^_^;;;

Vengeful Hearts )
Breaking Point
Summary: Heero's been kidnaped and it's up to the rest of the pilots to find him. But will they find him before he is broken...
By: Memory Dragon.
Characters: Duo Maxwell, Heero Yui, with other Gundam pilots showing up to a lesser extent.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Bandai. I don't own it and make no claim.

Breaking Point: Prologue )



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